Hitachi Data Systems

HDS technology helps organisations transform raw data into valuable information by making it more accessible and simpler to manage

Hitachi Data Systems provides best-in-class information technologies, services and solutions that deliver compelling customer ROI and demonstrable business impact.  As the leader in data management and virtualisation, only HDS offers a common, virtualised platform for all data and information.

 In partnership with Hitachi Data Systems we enable business to:

  •     Deliver storage virtualisation projects that are cloud ready and sustainable
  •     Design and build of business continuity projects
  •     Data Centre transformation
  •     Cloud Storage
  •     HDS Managed Services
  •     Data Archiving
  •     Data replication
  •     Data de-duplication
  •     SAN’s and Network Storage


Core technologies we support and deliver:

  • VSP – An enterprise solution for customer looking for ultimate scalability and operational efficiency
  • AMS – SAN & SAN consolidation for mid size organisations
  • HNAS
  • HCP - scale from a couple of terabytes to many petabytes for organisations looking to efficiently and securely manage their data
  • HDPS Software
  • GSS
  • Managed Services


Hitachi Data Systems Accreditations we hold:

  •     Preferred Partner
  •     Data Systems Gold I&C Partner


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