Consumerisation and Bring Your Own Device

Helping you enable employee choice whilst managing the risk to your business and data

Consumerisation of IT or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a trend that reflects the demands of a new tech-savvy workforce, who expect to bring their own tablets, smartphones and other devices into the workplace and connect to corporate services in a way that suits them. Hence the name, Bring Your Own Device.

Implemented effectively, Consumerisation of IT or BYOD can bring significant benefits for organisations; reduced hardware costs, greater flexibility for the employee, improved operational efficiencies, productivity and staff satisfaction and retention.

But Bring Your Own Device is not just about the devices. Mobile Device Management (MDM) and mobile security are fast becoming a headache for organisations as the IT team is left with an almost impossible task of supporting the latest devices and applications running on a variety of platforms, within a secure mobile business environment.


Our consumerisation experts enable our customers to:

  • Understand their choices around BYOD policies and how to communicate and implement them
  • Select from the widest range of devices to use within their business
  • Help you provide secure access to corporate applications or help you develop apps that work natively on devices
  • Work through your choices with Mobile Device Management (MDM) suppliers to get the right solution for your business
  • Review your network capacity and security and advise on the best way of supporting BYOD in across your business
  • Help you understand the true security risk from your end to end design and policies
  • Support multiple devices via helpdesk services


Bringing it to life

Learn more about how Citrix XenDesktop works and how it can address customer challenges.


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