Social responsibility, awareness and being green

Sustainability is important. The focus on environmental issues during the past decade means everyone, whether they are a senior executive or an end customer has an awareness of green concerns

Awareness is not an end in itself. An economic downturn from 2008 and continuing market instability means investing in green projects has seemingly become less vital. Much of the initial marketing push for sustainability action was driven by recognition that talking about green concerns could make customers think of a particular organisation in a more positive light.


Talk was sometimes matched by action, with key examples of enterprise best practice that dealt with corporate social responsibility. But what was lost in the hype and hyperbole was a focus on the business benefits of going green.  At a time of continuing economic uncertainty, leading executives now need to find ways to provide confidence for the business.


Sustainability, rather than just being a marketing nice-to-have, must be a route to economic certainty. Here we explore modern sustainability, presenting advice that can help your organisation go green, not just because of the environmental angle, but because it will benefit the organisation.  


Ian Cohen, Group CIO at insurance firm Jardine Lloyd Thompson, says  IT leaders must create credible sustainable strategies. He says it makes sound economic sense to reduce emissions, so green IT projects need to stand on their own merits.  We then present the facts and figures that illustrate how going green makes sound business sense, even in the context of current economic pressures. Additional strain comes in the form of legally binding targets for greenhouse emissions.


Yet an article from Carbon Trust Advisory Services explores how the regulatory bind can actually be a lever for more efficient business practices.


Further advice comes from eSOURCE, who have used education to create an engaging sustainability strategy, and from leading providers VMware and Kyocera, who demonstrate how sustainability can help to cut emissions and transform operations.


What we inevitably provide is not just another lecture on how your organisation should go green but an explanation of how sustainability will really benefit your business.

Rich Lowe

CEO, BT Engage IT