CSWP improves IT to enhance business efficiency in 90 locations

“We have been delighted to have BT as our partners to help us navigate our way through the choppy seas of change.”

Roger Dowthwaite, Chief Operating Office, CSWP Ltd
Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Partnership (CSWP) is an award-winning group for local economic development and regeneration.
In 2009, changes in CSWP’s IT staffing presented an opportunity to change the IT function to benefit users at 90 locations.“For various internal reasons, IT had become a hindrance rather than a business enabler, and perceptions of IT were wholly negative,” recalls Clare Hillier, IT & Facilities Manager.


Senior management decided to completely change how IT was delivered and managed, resulting in a new Managed Services contract with BT. 
The first step was Strategic Consulting, with a BT consultant independently reviewing the business and producing a report covering IT policy, procedures and strategy, and including specific recommendations for immediate changes to systems and processes.  
Work on implementing a new contract speeded up. The consultant was appointed Technical Design Authority and given a place on the new IT steering group. “We had a lot of remedial work to complete as well as implementing our new helpdesk,” Hillier says, “so we worked with BT to secure the platform.” This included a technical specialist working onsite for six months and the original helpdesk, which involved two staff attempting to support 360 users in 90 locations, was shut down and its role transferred to BT’s centralised Service Desk.

Why BT?

BT’s strategic approach to this solution ensured that the consultant gained a thorough understanding of CSWP’s business objectives and the current and future needs of the organisation, before recommending any changes.
The transference of CSWP’s helpdesk to BT’s centralised Service Desk means that all users are now assured of an efficient service, regardless of location. Regular reporting by BT means that management can also see how the service is scaling up to meet rising demand.
BT’s approach has helped CSWP shape their IT policy and initiated a culture change; IT is now delivered and managed in more effective user-centric ways and is now seen as a key business enabler.


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